El Paso and Beyond, part dos

The recent gun/water flea accident/intentional incident on Falcon Lake – I have no idea what the media coverage is like outside of South Texas, but the local information is both alarming and sensational.

Which illuminates the larger problem of violence in Mexico.

“Oh man, every hundred years, they have a war.”

This one is being led, allegedly, by the drug cartels. I have numerous LEO clients in the area, some on the front line itself, and the condensed version is the culture perpetrated by cartels, violence and deadly retribution, that has bled over into the fabric of the everyday life.

Violence and lawlessness begat violence and lawlessness with each succeeding generation increasingly more violent and reckless.

The last story I paid attention to about the murder on the lake was – no fact checking here – the guy and his JetSki taunted death by sailing into Mexican waters, allegedly controlled by bad people. Young members shot the guy on the JetSki. Dead. Body to be a trophy to warn others against trespass.

The responsible party was young soldiers, and they, too, for random act of violence, lost their heads, along with, in a curious note, the local sheriff.

The violence isn’t everywhere, but cross the wrong line, and it’s open season. The stated issue is “drug cartels,” yet the way the violence extends beyond that suggests it goes way beyond the reach of the cartels.

Besides, there is such a thing as bad press.

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