Weakest Link

Really, should be a “Church of the Customer Evangelist” notation only this is a sad note about a problem. Weakest link let the whole system fail.

Car dealership, north end of Bexar County, I mean, almost at the line. I offered to run the little hybrid in for service, favor for a girlfriend. San Antonio girlfriend. Dealership advertised a pick-up and delivery service, as part of the deal, bring your car in for service and we’ll take you home, to the office or shopping, whatever you like.

Girl lives downtown, car dealership and mega-service center is north of town. Almost to the Guadalupe County line. Most near.

The driver, a part-time, retired military man, he complained. Complained bitterly, then told me he wouldn’t be able to pick me up and I’d have to arrange other transportation back. He also had some ideas about highway design and answers for the clogged arterial freeways, but, if his observations about humanity in general were holding true, I’m not sure I was interested.

That girlfriend is looking to buy a new car. Because the dealership’s driver, lowest employee there, because he left such a sour impression, and how he couldn’t be bothered to drive back to fetch me when the little car’s (expensive) service was completed? As advertised, just not supported? And because it was such a miserable experience, all around?

Looking for a new car. Elsewhere. Turns out there’s another dealership, on the south side of town, they pick up and deliver, with no qualms.

I do handle all my own customer service. Not always good, but I’m reminded to act polite when I can.

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