Saturn in Libra, etc.

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

I can’t keep trotting out that Shakespeare Quote every year. It’s just, on stage, it has surprised me almost every time.

The grand cardinal cross of 2010, what can be said? What has happened? World end yet? Not that I noted. There’s a hugely influential gubernatorial race that’s gotten a little ugly, here in Texas. Doesn’t matter which side of the political pole one occupies, this is a race that should be watched. It foretells our future, and not just in Texas. Democrats and Republicans are best to watch what happens, as goes Texas, so goes the US.

The cardinal cross can be defined as having Pluto (planet or just significant object, can’t argue with its astrological influence) between zero and 3 degrees of Capricorn, Jupiter and Uranus were at zero to three degrees of Aries, with Saturn filling in the necessary zero to three Libra.

Cardinal energy is start-up energy, like pick up and go, like, “Here’s a new idea, let’s run with it…” and that works until there’s another new idea.

“Oh, look, new bright shiny object…”

What I’ve watched, as an astrologer, is how the start-up got started but never finished. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The cardinal cross is not about the end of the world, as some have predicted. It’s about what needs to be fixed, and now, mutable thinkers and fixed doers can see what pieces have been rent asunder. Time to pick up the pieces.

“As I was walking down Grosvenor Square…”

Kind of hard to find live Dead.