Rebel Within

Amazon delivered, well, post office, the new Hank III (new to me). I popped it in and ripped it then gave it a spin, as in the term would be.

Amazing. I’m late to this party. I’d like to think fashionably late, but still, it’s a great CD. Not just good, excellent.

The final song on the CD is “Drinkin’ Over Momma,” but it finishes with a flurry of traditional country music, and the lyrics? “Momma got killed by her damn crack pipe…”

The music is tight, true country, fiddle, pedal steel, and four-four bass/trap set. Square top, isn’t that what it’s called?

This is some serious drinking music. Punk country. I love it. Giving up heroin, #5. Lots of FCC warnings, with good reason. Foul mouthed and yet lucid and musically sound.

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