Hic Est Draco

I go back and re-read previous material, then I realize my hits and misses.

That in-flight magazine, the bulk of the “article” pages, which, frankly is stretching the concept, as the articles were a short sidebar teaser, then a two-thirds page graphic that related to the content, then the content itself, about a paragraph, maybe not even that much, maybe just part of a thought, teased from the Table of Contents, then further teased with what amounts to a tweet, hopelessly distracted by an overwhelming graphic, and padded out with white space.

Big picture. Little words.

In the big picture, while I’m sure this hits the target and the target audience, I find it pretty useless.

Hic est draco:
It’s Latin. Some cartographers might grasp the allusion.

Again, it tickled my fancy.

The Answer:
Answer to the graphic magazine, my rough draft, is here. Should have an eBook (Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader, iPhone, etc.) version before too long.

Printed form isn’t out because of Mercury Retrograde yet, but will be available soon.