Feeder Reader update

The question was posed by a long-term reader here, about which RSS Reader was best. Here’s the current solution, but first, the feeds:

www.kramerwetzel.com (dead)
www.astrowhore.org (dead)

So how this works, I signed up for Google’s Feed Reader (Feedburner, too), and then, I set it up so all those feeds go into the Google Reader. However, as noted, the reader’s web interface, according to some, is awkward. I didn’t use it all.

However, the Google Reader is picked up by a piece of software on the iPhone, called Feedler, and there’s an easy way to read feeds. I had to log into the Google Reader to rearrange the feeds in order of appearance, and some that I have that aren’t mentioned – you know who you are.

Additionally, the main site’s feeds are available, but only by paid subscription. Which is cool, if you ask me.

Take a Tumble:
Another sideways update and I’m totally unsure how this pans out, but for starters, there’s that site called Tumbler. I toyed with it for a morning’s folly, linking and unlinking various RSS feeds, and then I happened on a novel idea, I pointed an unused but still active URL at it, kramerw.com, and now it’s a quick and easy way to check my feeds. Still playing, I like the feeder reader for the iPhone best, still.

Art of War
“4. The rule is, not to besiege walled cities if it can possibly be avoided.”

FaceBook goes offline for a few hours and I don’t even notice. I’m not even sure what that means.

I’ve already worked Sun-Tzu’s Art of War into an astrofish.net horoscope. All of that was going someplace but I lost the thread. Not that losing my way has ever bothered me, I usually wind up where I belong.