Design and simplicity

One company, duly noted, did an upgrade and overhaul when Mercury was retrograde. I’m used to it. It will be mentioned in one of the future scopes.

I’ve been playing with the new icons and buttons to delineate the signs. I’ve got an updated version of the buttons themselves, just not sure I want to roll them out quite yet. I did upload them when Mercury was retrograde, but then, it was an update – not a new item. New look to an old placeholder.

Ultimately, it would be nice to just have a single column, because, after all, that’s all the horoscopes are, a single column. No bells, no whistles, no fancy stuff. Just the words.

Two, three, maybe four days ago? Anyone catch the news about the second big drug kingpin taken down in Mexico? Anyone see that? See the T-Shirt he was wearing when he was brought out to be displayed for media?

While I love me some Mark Cuban media, we got two favorite teams in South Texas, The Spurs and whoever is playing Dallas.