Working Notes

Interesting point came up in Austin, last weekend. I’ve mulled over the comments, and I’m not sure how to proceed. Two, maybe three different people pitched me for joining their websites, paying money to get my site and my products listed in the various directories.

Here’s the problem, a quick search, hit your favorite search engine, and plug in “Austin Metaphysical Fair,” or better yet, “Austin Psychic Fair,” and my travel and appearances page is oftentimes a first spot in the organic listings.

Before Google set the SEO gold standard for search engine metrics, I was working at psychic fairs in Austin. Had been for years, and the dates were listed on one of my sites, at approximately the same location. Used to be “slash travel dot html,” and the background code has changed, but I’ve made no effort to game the system or increase the rankings with subterfuge, trickery or chicanery.

Two words: authority and legacy.