Sky Friday Stories

Sky Friday:
I’ve suggested, on numerous occasions, that my business is like a fireworks stand, one busy season, at best.

This image is from a town, can’t recall its name, just south of Odessa. Not much of a town and weird to see, in the larger cities, fireworks are strictly prohibited within the city limits. Guess it’s different in a small town.

The original fascination started with a buddy, named Bubba, who would pull a July 4th weekend with his cousin or something, selling fireworks. The stories. The tales. The wounded truth.

How to tell if your boss is lying:
“His lips are moving?”
(Always worked for me. Her lips, really. His, one time.)

Anyway, here’s the story.

Stardust Motel department:
Mercury is, indeed, retrograde.

Once more, with feeling, scientifically engineered binaural beat technology, this short musical meditation is a few minutes of relief from Mercury Retrograde mayhem. Download the sublime suggestions here – in handy, portable mp3 format.

As the oracle predicted.

Roadside Attractions:
The good news is I’ve been to both the spots in Texas, most recently, here

Design Notes:
Or movie notes. Number Five is The 13th Warrior. Good book, vintage and early, still exciting. The movie, too, good. Commercial failure. Good art is rarely commercially successful.

The design question is about the layout of the list itself, a movie poster, wide angle image, and less text than I put in a single weekly scope with a simple “more” button. In other words, it’s loaded with advertising, and each frame carries about a two sentences of real text.

90% of fluff. Or 90% of something.