Musical Question

Shadow Sunday:

Location: Starbuck’s parking lot, North Main, Roswell, NM.

The image is the back of a T-shirt as I was standing in line for morning coffee, sandwiched between tourists. I suspect the couple was from LA (Lower Arkansas), based on inflection, dental care and demeanor. No idea where the place is, no idea about anything.

My surreptitious image capture was noted, smirked about and promptly forgotten, and my date laughed at me – no amount of imploring can convince some people, crawfish (crawdads) are a delicacy, the culinary masterpiece, the “piece de resistance” of Cajun Cuisine, the “raison d’etre,” to some of us.

“No way I’m sticking that in my mouth. Look: it’s called a ‘mud-bug,’ no way.”

Really, be honest, they look like little lobsters with even more tender flesh for fantasy dining.

Prepared with a peppery sauce, redolent in a spices only a Cajun can conjure?