Chasing Alex

Under the leaden skies, west bound and down, low and close…

Just past Del Rio (Ciudad Acuna), I think, caught that one.
Hardware: iPhone
Location: 90 West, south side

Alpine, TX:
Reata Pass Restaurant – perhaps, certainly up there with one of the finest steaks I’ve ever had. Served by a Sagittarius, of course, and it was the long road from there to here. Here to there.

I ordered a house special, a pepper crusted tenderloin, and bowing to my considerations, while I prefer my meat on the raw side of rare, I ordered it medium-rare.

While I wanted to address the waitress, or the manager, I did neither. The steak was perfect, about the size of baseball, covered with a light and piquant sauce, and bristling with peppercorns. Seared on the outside – to perfection – just a slight crust, while just cool and pink on the inside.

The problem being, it was rare, not medium rare. However, that being duly noted? I prefer it rare, and it was such an excellent cut of meat, never frozen, no hormones, free-range, &c.?

Been years since I’ve been this way. Still as good, if not better, than ever.

Title Notes:
The post’s title, “Chasing Alex,” is derived from the cloud cover and intermittent rain that made for a most delightful cruise. Border Patrol agents, apparently, resting comfortably in their trucks, not much action as the lakes, canyons and stream were swollen with the Hurricane Alex’s aftermath. Gradually, the lead skies gave way to blue, but only in pursuit of sundown.