Sky Friday

Hardware: iPhone
Location: Asarco (defunct) El Paso, sky is old Mexico (Juarez).

Transportation issues:
With air travel conditions being what they are, I miss the old days.

Originally, when flying in Texas, a hunting knife, a folding hunter was acceptable. Some of those personal toothpicks could be the size of a Roman Broadsword. Not that it mattered. Wasn’t much of an issue. The sidebar item that goes with that is a chase, a hunt, that stretches over a decade, my quest for a perfect pocketknife that I could carry on board. Long enough to be useful, short enough to not tickle the (then) security scanner.

A sidebar to the sidebar? One time, in Austin, I left the free plane ticket back at the trailer, and I had to catch a cab home only to return to the airport, only to have barely enough time to dash through security without checking a suitcase that had a folding knife in it. Made it through, but then that’s Austin, that was then.

The first sidebar led to an extensive collection of various kinds of cutlery, as the search for the perfect size and weight continued, and by now, security is so tight, no toothpaste, no bottled water, nothing.

Leaving El Paso, one time, one security agent recognized me from work. I got the extra pat down. Must’ve not been a good chart reading.

I wouldn’t be adverse to a full body scan. I can recall when metal detectors were large, ungainly things and I could sneak through with a belt knife. The good old days.

Since travel is ingrained in me, I’m quite used to idea – the concept – once I check my suitcase, everything is subject to the whims of the airline. I have no illusion of personal autonomy. Relinquished that at the curbside check in. Read the fine print.

It’s much less about the way to get there and a lot more about the destination. El Paso, TX.

The shoe shine stand in El Paso? Last time it was $4 for boots. That’s a sweet deal.

“Whatever may happen to you was prepared for you in advance from the beginning of time. In the woven tapestry of causation, the thread of your being had been intertwined from all time with that particular incident.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book X, #5.

Two-Meat Tuesday.

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