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In-bound E-Mail:
>>Subject: Re: Hey Boss, I think we’re good!
>>Well i must also commend you on the horoscope
>>for leo this week, the metaphor of the lil buddha
>>with a scar or blemish, i agree i bought one at the
>>lil farmers market here in tucson, and it had a
>>blemish on the belly, but it was b/c many people
>>had rubbed it, and i bought it figuring that had
>>to be good luck, and lo and behold, i got my wishes
>>and plenty of other blessings!

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This is why.

Fishing Guide to the Stars, Horoscopes and much, much more… daily digital image from the London archives…

Bexar County Line Daily “tourist” image from the “San Antonio (TX)” collection…

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flracing Weekly Sky Friday photo/image meme –
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Two-Meat Tuesday.

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