Art of the Mix Tape

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Some movie made this famous, from a book by an English author, and the whole process was rendered useless by mix CDs. Of which, I was once famous.

I ran across a foreign site – someplace – that offered “mix tape” downloads.

That’s an idea I could easily get onboard with, as I’ve experimented, and I’m sure I could come up with few. Legalities, though, or just legal considerations, prevent me from stringing random songs together and publishing it as single unit.

The art of the mix is lost, and it’s compounded by other factors, as in the mix itself has turned into a new kind of art form. The mix tape paved the way for ‘techno’ and later, ‘house.’

Be nice to string together enough songs, eclectic enough to count, maybe entered on theme, and make the while mix tape (mp3) available for download.