You Load Instantly

You Load Instantly:

Mostly, what I do, I let inspiration find me. I let some tiny observation become the backbone for a weekly metaphor and message. While I joke about being called, “Rev. Kramer,” it is, in fact, both an honorific and legal title. Use sparingly.

I started taking pictures because I would see an image that I wanted to remember, useful as snapping a picture is faster than an analog pen, pencil and paper, or even quicker than a digital note. I’ve used them all.

What happened is that one collection of images, footloose and free for an afternoon in San Antonio, along with the title, begat the side-project, Bexar County Line dot com, merely a loose and unconnected series of images.

Back-to-back with the London collection,, actually an older collection, at least in part, and the collection serves as a way to jog my memory when I need a clue as to what it was that inspired me to think about that as an example.

You Load Instantly:
The picture originated in Old East Austin, and I massaged the image until I was pleased with it. Not too much work, either. It’s a reminder, a look at where the technology was, and where it is. Or isn’t.

I wonder what that camera would fetch on eBay?

I never owned one, and although I wanted one at one time, I never did have one.

Still don’t even though, it does Load Instantly. Was that the appeal?

What idea was churned up by that camera’s image? The basic premise that each horoscope, each week, that’s 12 signs, that’s 12 individual messages, and the last couple of sermons I’ve heard? The preacher man (woman one time) started with a thinner entrance than I typically do.

I should’ve been a preacher, lot less work, better pay.

You Load Instantly.