Sexism and Religion

Guaranteed to piss someone off!

Now, for the homework, read The Leo Horoscope.

Same aunt, same drill, Xmas Eve and Easter, and once last month, evening Sunday worship service, made her smile. Didn’t bother me. I wonder if they ever think about where their pageantry comes from? No, don’t even try and answer, it’s rhetorical.

Full disclosure:
Me? I’m a ego-centric, white male, sexist pig. Never claimed otherwise. The patriarchy is failing and falling, but I still cling to the barest of threads and illusions that I am the master.

I ran her out to one of her doctors for testing. Afternoon of my time, not problem, enjoy her rambling, and I feel guilty because I was trying to pull her out of the car by her sore shoulder. Squealed in pain. I really felt badly about that. Didn’t mean any harm.

On the way over, since I was just reading a lengthy article about the Church of England’s schism over letting women into the bishopric, I mean, they got women minsters, why not? The eternal debate rages on.

I asked my elderly aunt whether the church, my aunt, she’s not Church of England, Anglican, Episcopalian, or any of the derivatives, not that I can keep track, I’m of the liberal lilt, but she allowed as how it ought to be like it is in the scripture.

Men in charge, women obedient.

According to her, men, we’re the betters.

Don’t laugh. It’s not polite to laugh at polite fiction someone tells herself.

I have no reason to believe that external gonads have anything connected to being a mouthpiece for the almighty.

Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty the beginning of confusion.
Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching, #38

I think my source is one of the Jane English translations.

Me? Privately? I think the church should let women hold equal rank. Probably not going to happen, but that’s not my battle. Or my church.