Hatch Chili in a can

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Hatch Chili in a can
Hardware: iPhone
Location: Central Market
cf., Capricorn.


  • […] Hatch Green Chile harvest will roll in soon. I had some — always wondered about this — on the X-Ray of my luggage, flying back from New Mexico, I had a couple of baggies of powdered peppers. Would look highly suspicious on an X-Ray, right? Anyway, for Pisces, the batch of green chili powder was very potent but mild, and the flavor in it was far superior to the red chile, and the even the smoked peppers, the green chili was surprisingly good. Better. It’s not always like this, and the strength of the red or green, the flavor, the essence of each type varies from location to location, time of the year, recent rains, all play a part in this. Takes sampling, and a wiliness to be surprised when the predicted results don’t happen like the way they usually do. There was an earthiness, with hints of other spices, like a cinnamon essence, plus an almost fruity sense that went with the spice. Not just burn, but flavors, too. […]

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