Always a favorite: Austin’s area code.

Marketing notes:
There are three cable TV channels worth a glance, the History channels, and its siblings, National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and History International. While I was watching a piece on Hadrian’s Wall, I noticed the ads in between.

An analysis shows that the new price, “What you would expect to pay? Not $29.95, not $19.95, but only $10!” (But wait, there’s more! Act now, and we’ll include a second one either for free or as a bonus.) Verbiage varies on that last one.

The price points, and again, I’ve been so far ahead of the trend – similar products – horoscopes – sell for $6 a week, $10 a month and more…

Some subscription sites charge ten, fifteen and even more per month.

The marketing trend I was seeing, though, it was going from $29.95 to a flat $10. I’ve seen this with special, one-time-offers, too.

When I started selling subscriptions, I liked my price range. It’s been six (6) years, and no increase in price. I like that.