St. Joske’s

The image is from the other afternoon, in San Antonio, from the Riverwalk, looking up. The name is from my friend in Austin, the reading place, for me. She worked, she cut her teeth, in San Antonio, and she always called that little German church St. Joske’s. The church is adjacent to, and even surrounded by, the River Center Mall.

At one time, that was the location of the Texas-based retail giant Joske’s. Joske Brothers, later of Houston fame. Started there as a dry¬†goods, five and dime, something in the shadow of the Alamo. Grew big until it was subsumed in the mergers and raiders of the last century.

What I recall about Joske’s. Some in Dallas, one in Phoenix (AZ, area), El Paso, and so forth? I just assumed it was nation-wide, not regional.

I’m partial to the little church’s appeal, but even as a tourist, I’ve yet to wander in. They seem to be pretty strict about times and services. I’m a bit more casual. Why I’ve grown fond of the Missions of San Antonio, as they are pimped for tourists.

One, two, three.

From “The Waste Land,” about the river that sweats oil and tar…

Both American Letters and British Lit claim T.S. Eliot. That portion of sidewalk is next to the river, River Thames, London’s south Bank, Queen’s Walk, something. Close to that wheel.

Totally unrelated:
I don’t travel near enough these days. However, what I learned from this article is that SWA carries more passengers than other any air carrier.

In other air news, the historic Blackbird, a long read, but good.

Scary Scopes:
My own Sagittarius Scope….

And images, from the phone’s camera –

A glow-stick bracelet. Like one finds at a rave. That’s scary – and wrong – on so many levels.