odds n’ sixers

For every man and every thing, that which Nature brings makes for their own good; moreover, makes for their good at the precise moment when it is brought.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book X, #20.

May First:

Green News:
Switch to gothic and save ink; save the planet.

Six Dollar Ads:
What can be had for 6 dollars, or even less?

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There’s always a full month’s subscription to the horoscopes, too.


Famous lines: Houston, we have a problem.

Dali’s “Time” versus Time. Then, too, Pink Floyd’s ever-popular Time.

“Gonzales Flag”

Oct. 2&3, 1835: Gonzales, Texas – possibly the first flag of the Republic of Texas.

Two-Meat Tuesday.

Title: Two-Meat Tuesday

ISBN-13: 978-1411638723

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