Bexar County Line & Sixes

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Really, there are dozens of variations of this image, older version, un-retouched, before the conversion, after it, at stages along the way, all there, buried on the simple side project. Fits in several categories, like the Red Monday meme or the Sky Friday meme, or others.

Abandoned industrial area, just outside of the “good” neighborhood, south of downtown by a few meters, adjacent to a light steel manufacturing plant with Spanish-only cable network flanking it?

Still, I saw that sign before it was repainted and re-wired for new lights. Emblematic before it was a new emblem.

Six Dollar Ads:
What can be had for 6 dollars, or even less?

Hint: fun internet marketing tricks.

There’s always a full month’s subscription to the horoscopes, too.

The Alamo.

Tech Reminisces:
The former leader and former industrial giant Palm is for sale.

Couple of months ago, a neighbor (Scorpio) complained about his dog ate his “pray.” I just shrugged my shoulders as I didn’t get it. That was the new Palm handset/PDA thing.

I’m pretty sure Palm didn’t invent the market. But the original team did develop the market, and they also brought to market a cheap, usable piece of hardware that could go in everyone’s hands.

My understanding of the history, Palm was started by two people, spun out of the airy void and into the firmament with a cheap-feeling piece of gray plastic that actually worked. Both the “PDA” concept and the handwriting/stylus input software were from Apple’s Newton, but Palm got the form factor and price right.

Palm was bought by a big company, the original founders started a second kind of handset/PDA, that one with a slot, and the Smart Phone was born – Palm Handspring Treo v.2, with a phone slot.

After my last phone went for a short dip, I quite with the high-tech gadgets, went back to a candy bar, only to eventually get an iPhone. I suppose the iPhone owes it’s technical DNA, at least in part, to that Palm.

In a dozen years, the “cell” phone is reliable enough to be a sole phone, with number portability, permanent enough, and more or less reliable enough.

In that same time, the dozen years, I’ve had only two land-lines (reading lines), and even now, I’m down to just one, but as a juxtaposition, I’ve had 3-4 different “cell” numbers. The first one was truly a cell phone, but everything since about 1998? Digital, although, I do believe the earlier ones had an analog roll-over or something.

From the digital archive – the historical image collection.