Cults & Sixes

Previously mentioned, Cult of Mithras, the emblem from the Museum of London. Cell phone image, not really that good in details.

The Cult of Mithras:
I was with my dad, and for once, maybe because it was a long hike from the tube stop, but for once, he volunteered for the free wheelchair ride. It was because he was in the wheelchair, at the time, that he noticed the symbols ringing the temple’s centerpiece. He pointed them out to me, and I’m sure I would’ve noticed because that particular piece of archeological lore is mentioned in the book London, which we both read before that trip. Which was why we were in the Museum of London in the first place, and the references get cyclical, almost a tautology.

The moment is etched in time, in my personal history and I’ve refernced that moment several points. The recent spate of business in London brought it back up, but there it is. The moment goes further because, as little as I know about the Cult of Mithras, I’m fascinated by its roots, origins and how it’s played out in the modern world. Or, rather, how it’s another religion that died off. Not good enough marketing. Driven underground.

The moment is a shared moment with my departed dad.

Never know what moments get etched in time.

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The Alamo.

Joke came through on the joke list, and the signature file included a reference to a passage in Proverbs (27:17), but then, as I glanced at the page, and the rainy sky, there’s Proverbs 27:15. King James Version, of course.