No Love

What’s not visible is the little check mark by the “FINAL ATTEMPT” box. What it says, on the door hanger? “No Love.” I called FedEx. I recorded the conversation, but I was polite, so there’s no need to rehash it. I was hoping I could trip up the customer service person. Not on purpose, but seriously, leaving a note that says, “No love?”

Last time I had an ache in my heart for a FedEx girl, she was a Sagittarius one, back in East Austin. Old East Austin. Old East Austin wherein I was one of a handful of “gueros” in the neighborhood.

Yesterday’s messages was, “We’ll try to get him to deliver again, but it was the final attempt.”

Just think, if it was UPS or better yet, USPS, it would be here by now.

FedEx -> No Love

Fine, if that’s how this is going to be.