Museo Alameda &c.

Subtitle: An American Story
The Museum, in San Antonio, attached to the legendary Market Square, like many businesses, life sucks, economic recovery or not. Which is too bad. Museo Alameda is a treasure trove. It’s a gem in a crown of local arts.

I asked, why, the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin has the same display that at the Alameda a year ago, one of those traveling exhibits. Better marketing? Better PR?

It’s Austin.

The Alameda Museum? Some offerings: promo poster, favorite Sky Friday image museum’s exterior, and the original Our Lady of Magnolia, Venus on the Full Stack.

Same trip, in the San Fernando Cathedral on Mandy Thursday, can’t make this up, “2010 the year of the priest.”

In light of recent controversies? Never mind, it was funny at the time. Besides, the missions, the churches and the San Antonio diocese?