(Now’s the time I want an affiliate link.)

I got an e-mail ad from Zero Halliburton. To the dismay of my family, and the chagrin of various business associates, my taste in travel gear is limited. One Zero suitcase I have is now 25 year old, maybe older, I have no idea how long it was on the shelf in the store.

I might have dated females younger than my luggage.

Wasn’t too expensive back then — the suitcase. No rollers, just a stock plastic handle, and it was, at one time, the “carry-on” size, but it seems a little smaller than the more current models. There’s a second one I’ve got, a roller Zero Halliburton bag that’s been beat to death. It’s only a dozen years old, maybe older. The bag has been crushed, literally, at least once, so the case is a little sprung, but I still use it. Factory refurbished it, almost as good as new.

I’m guessing luggage handlers take one look at the Zero case and feel obligated to test the metal. I know that the biggest one I’ve got has a serious crease along the top; however, it still seals, and I still like it.

When I traveled almost every weekend (for work) the suitcase was home. I spent a few years trying various alternatives, but eventually, I wound up with the same brand of cases. I’m still using that original one, close to thirty years old now, this summer. Not so much ‘brand loyal’ as the product outlives the hype.

Likewise for shoulder bags, the real carry-on I use. Computer case. Toothbrush, books, a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Mediations, wire, adaptors, plugs, pens, pencils, papers, breath mints, and hair ties.

I found a brand that I rather liked, in part for the absolute usability and in part for the durability. Don’t need anymore, but every fortnight or so, there’s a marketing e-mail, and I’ll look.

I need no more luggage at all. Still have a fascination, though, and one buddy thinks I’m just like a woman, looking at purses.

There’s much about me that’s defined by travel. Even if I’m not on the road nearly as much these days. Or even if the road is just up and down the highway.