Update: About astrofish.net.uk

The technology is on a strange arc. My first digital camera was a plug-in device for a handheld PDA. Before I went abroad in 2001, I had to replace the camera, as I needed something to capture digital images whilst afoot in strange lands. There aren’t many of those original images left over, as those were half-size images, at the time, the upper limits of portable technology.

The next phone doubled the image size but overseas cell rates were prohibitively high. Eventually, I had a deluxe – at that time – digital camera. The first in a long succession of sub-$100 cameras. Caught a number of excellent images with that cheap camera that died an inglorious death, depicted elsewhere, the third and final fall against a hard tile floor. “Rest in Pieces,” little camera. The camera is gone, but its original 32 MB chip, I’ve still got that. Functional tech curio.

After that camera, there came a succession of cheap, digital cameras. I’ve still got two or three, but most notable, that first camera, it was a 2.1 megapixel camera, and in its day? That was the largest available. That was huge. Subsequent cheap cameras, one of the ones I use frequently, it has a 7 MegaPixel range. Finder. Image storage. Huge. Exponentially larger than that first which was less than half a MegaPixel. Limits and forward march of technology.

About kramerwetzel.com:
It’s a City Daily Photo web-log. Family of web-sites. Portal. Something. I’ve got a decade’s worth of digital images from London. From other tourist destinations, too, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about kramerwetzel.com. It’s an image a day, shot down in size for quick website display, nothing fancy, just a chance for old and new images to find some traction of some kind. Got the pictures, a Texas tourist eye’s view. What befalls the eye.

From October 2001 through the current date. There’s a haphazard, almost random selection process. Makes it that much more amusing to me. Which is really what it’s all about. My version of “ye olde Londonium.”

Hint: not every picture is good.

Cyclical Limits of Technology:
I used one of the images from that first, 2.1 MegaPixel camera on the cover of a book. A few years later, my phone went for a dip, you’d think a few seconds under water wouldn’t affect it so, and that led to succession of cheap phones, and, eventually, back to an iPhone. Which has a two-megapixel camera. Right back where I started.

The last of the kramerwetzel.com images, some of those are captured from the phone’s camera. Right back where I started.

“If a man makes a slip, admonish him gently and show his mistake. If you fail to convince him, blame yourself, or else blame nobody.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book X, #4.