Like, “What’s your sign, baby?”

Location: El Paso, TX (Eastside, by the airport)
Hardware: iPhone
Software: CameraBag App.

Inbound Mail:

Feedback to a great astrologer.

You predicted the first week in November might be challenging for my son. He arrested a drunk man shooting at his family.

Then you alerted me, of the same aspect this week. Today he arrested  Colorado’s most wanted. He called me to say thanks, and I would like to thank you!


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Coming down the stair at a big department store, in Piccadilly, neither sister nor me made a purchase, she asked a question then replied to herself, “I’m so stupid!” I asked if she knew why she was so stupid. She replied, cautiously, “No….”

“It’s simple, no penis. Nothing to carry a brain in.”

She howled. Literally.

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Left Right Left:
Sounds like calling cadence, but that’s not it. Couple of my friends got new (brand name phone). They have a pair of those phones that flip sideways and have a keyboard slide out. This is personal preference, but I’m not a big fan of phones that slide, flip or have other moving parts, well, besides buttons. Even then, the new screen architecture of virtual buttons is more appealing to me. Less tactile is more tactile. My reasoning goes back, way back, to early model cell phones I had that had pieces that flipped open, and those parts eventually broke.

The reason goes deeper, and now that, I suppose, texting while driving is finally against the law, it’s either more – or less – of an issue.

I prefer a “candy-bar” design. Simpler, cleaner, more functional in my eyes and in my hands. But this is merely a personal preference, not a real issue. I never thought about it until I watched my friends, the phones were still new, texting each other while sitting in the living room, next to each other. Could be early onset senility, but I tend to think it was just the “new” of new toys.

I watched as one of them worked with demonic speed, thumbing with both hands on a tiny QWERTY board. Certainly faster, and I guess more accurate than me.

Doesn’t matter. The reason I like what I like, my little iPhone, is because I can do it one-handed. One thumb. Left thumb. I tend to use my left hand, and this presents a problem when I’m driving as I can’t text with left hand and drive with left hand, not at the same time.

Not that it’s an issue – I still don’t own a car.

I’m used to texting, and some email, with just my left hand. So the little keyboards, and the two-thumb approach doesn’t work for me.

I am still amazed at adults who can text as fast as their children.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!