The Leo

In her original voice, and this creates big problems for me as there are several Leo friends I’ve got, but I liked this because it’s subject near and dear to my heart.

I have several books available. All done with that handy “Print-On-Demand” thing. Which, I will admit, makes it possible for any book to be available in printed form, and, for that matter, no book that’s not going to be read, need be printed. As a bonus, I’ve priced my eBooks cheap enough to give it a real “try before you buy” situation.

(Plug: paid subscriptions get free access to ALL download texts.)

Personally, the only one of the lot that I would keep on hand is Two-Meat Tuesday. I liked it the best. For me, it was the most fun. As far as best looking, the Portable Mercury Retrograde, I like its look and feel, lightweight, confusing. Like Mercury Retrograde.

However, I’d have to agree with fredlet’s stated position, and think that what I liked so much, the publishing industry would do well to learn from the music industry’s mistakes. Gaffs, bloopers, insults and torrid blunders.

I posted a short spot a few weeks back when I noticed that personal favorite, Robert Earl Keen, and a Capricorn, he had one of his songs picked up for the Starbuck’s “pick of the week,” the free iTunes’ card.

REK is a local master. Not much airplay, not much “major label support,” but he’s an excellent performer, and just about, well, every, show I’ve been to, the audience knows all of the songs. Sings along, in various states of inebriation. That song was available online on REK’s website, some six months back, as a precursor to the release of the album. Free audio download. Title track. It’a a good track. Not my favorite from that CD, but good. Yes, I did buy the CD. I was three-quarters broke at the time, but I was going to make sure I could still get that album.

He (or his marketing department, managers, agents & assigns) gave away one song that sold 11. Good numbers. He’s also, as an artist –and performer — adapting to the thole internet thing.

Publishing can take a long look at that. Remember when iTunes first came out? Draconian DRMA? Now gone.

Bandwidth is cheaper and cheaper, as is digital storage. Electronic distribution should be a whole lot cheaper for books. That’s almost all profit. Why I price my horoscopes, books & eBooks, and instructional video so low.