Single Image Link:
It’s another shot of the San Fernando Cathedral, alongside Main Plaza, downtown San Antonio. That, in and of itself, isn’t the big deal. Part of it is an extension to a thematic element, explored earlier, with mixed media, and visual pun, for my mind, mixing sepia and water elements in a single image.

Sometimes, as I’ve noted before, what’s important is what’s missing. That last shot, water, fountains, from what I understand, the city’s just turned the water back on, but no, that’s not the point – I did a quick-draw with my handy phone to snap a shot of another tourist taking a picture with his handy phone. Same type of phone (iPhone). I missed it completely. Wasn’t quick enough on the draw. I didn’t want to appear too obvious, as well.

Just my attempt at fun. Didn’t work out, but then, it was water, and the old cathedral, old by American standards, it was mostly a sepia scene anyway. Didn’t hurt.

In my own mind, it’s a failure as a shot, but then, that’s also what the simple side project is all about. Failures are not always failures.

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Primitive Art:
Art work from Lascaux (the cave in France).

Real Quick:
The common fruit fly: Drosophila Melanogaster (Latin name).

Two Things:
I never really did an adequate wrap-up of 2009. Double-oughts are over, and there were two items that changed, in my life, and changed my life, for the better, in 2009.

Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar 7:
It was everything and much, much more. The cost of the seminar itself has more than paid for itself in revenue, not to mention the connections and fun.

That’s a singular experience I can’t recall having anything else like it recently.

The other, tangential?

Transcendental Meditation:
I took a class. Local “guru,” a Pisces. Taught “Transcendental Meditation,” and that alone, was the best step forward.

20 minutes, twice a day. Adds years to life and improves the overall outlook. In my analytical mind, it’s the perfect blend of Eastern Mysticism and Western Brain. 20 minutes, twice daily, morning and evening. Can’t recommend it high enough. Life changing and affirming.