Disk: 5582.30 MB Web

As of February 12, your account’s bandwidth usage is as follows: Used to date: 11.66 GB

However, in January:
Hits per Hour 426 max 1929
Hits per Day 10239 max 13856
Code 404 – Not Found 13107

Almost random numbers. Almost. The bandwidth is curious, but the hits seem to lie a little. Could be me, though, and my cynical interpretations.

More numbers
Kind of geeky stuff, if one follows the tools of the trade, and for me, these tools are more means of implementing a delivery of content. I’m not too caught up with the presentation.

What piqued my interest the most was the essential argument for paid plugins. “The ‘donation’ thing doesn’t really work.”

I’d agree with that. Nor does subsisting off ads alone. Especially Google’s “pay per click,” which, as an advertiser, is a good format, but selling space makes it a little more sketchy.

Google ads across the footer, I like that.

One of the plugins I did install was the WordPress Database Backup. My machines regularly back themselves up and a catastrophic website loss wouldn’t be difficult, it would be time consuming. Automated WordPress backup, once a week?

Worth the price of a latté, just like a subscription here.

Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge