One More From The Road

The aforementioned Pepper pR0n, with two extant samples, which clearly illustrate a problem and the associated learning curve. The limits of hardware, too.

One of the images popped up, and when I looked, I realized that I was taking a picture whenever I was in a San Antonio market, of the peppers. While it’s an image I find highly engaging to the point of being covert fun, there’s the problem. The pictures were all starting to look the same.

The problem, in part, is the limits of hardware, either a cell phone camera or cheap, point-and-click. The other problem, it’s a grocery store. Bright, florescent tubes overhead. The lighting issue is reflected in the waxy texture of the peppers’ skin.

Technically, I’m sure, there are ways around the lighting. Maybe better posing? Maybe better hardware? Maybe better software? Then the images lose their meaning to me. I’m not really going to worry about it too much. I might try and find some shaded peppers, at some point, but unless it’s pure happenstance, not likely.

Can’t be distracted from the original mission: stream-of-consciousness photo-blog.

Hint: Not every picture is good.