Odd bits

I was surprised, yes, a good movie, yes, lots of fun in Three-D, and so on. However, I’m surprised that at least two or three authors, maybe the literary estate of one or more Science Fiction & Fantasy writers, why several of those haven’t banded together. I’m thinking that the story pulls from several, maybe a comic combination of three (or more) plot lines. Imagery from one, the world of Greg Bear and Larry Niven come to mind, easily.

Big Ben (should be a Sky Friday image.)


List of Ingredients:
I was inspired when I was munching on, appropriately enough, a Moon Pie. For real. I flipped it over, and I looked at the list of ingredients, and I realized I really should come up with list of ingredients for the website. Moonshine, and stardust are principal ingredients. Covered in the warning material, there’s that point, and anyone who’s sat with me will validate this, “processed in a plant that processes nuts.” Not a surprise there. The server is located in America, and I can attest to the fact its help line is manned (or womanned) by native English speakers. Parts and labor are handled by my crew in South Texas; however, not that it’s important, but if there ever was a question, the whole office is legal US Citizens. Native Texan, too. As much as illegal immigrants are less expensive and more efficient? Everyone in the office has a valid US Passport, for a citizen.

There’s some Starlight that gets figured in as well as a seasonal dash of moonlight. Regrettably, a small amount of “100% RECYCLED” male-bovine byproduct gets mixed in, but whatever, as that just works as good nutrients for growing.

Remember how a letter could sponsor a day? This list of ingredients was sponsored by the horoscope from June 3, 2004, especially, the Scorpio one.

“This entry was brought to you by SCORPIO.”

Unrelated Single Image:
Image. Alpha Hotel. Only a tourist would see that in that light. QED. (QED is a Latin abbreviation for, “There you go, you…”)