Monday Miscellany

Apple Tablet:
Like, take two and call me in the morning.

Think: big iPhone. With no camera.

I’m not the Apple fanboy I was at one time. I was walking alongside the creek while Apple was introducing its new Apple Tablet. Rumors, about half right, or close enough, a well-orchestrated media buzz, that’s for sure. A good price point, it’s a cross between an iPhone and an eBook reader. With a dash of Macintosh software layered into the mix.

I’ll see if it can replace a full-fledged “netbook” notebook computer, although, I kind of doubt it. I can’t slide it into a holster and take pictures as I mosey along.

Cool toy. My experience, long that it is, with Apple is that the first version is cool, but I don’t have to have bleeding edge tech, well, not all the time, remember, I only waited in line for about 15 minutes to get my first iPhone.

Single Image Link:
The Paseo de Artes, but what caught my sensibilities, the purple (or whatever) background and its texture. Then, when “developing” the film, the way the texture offered a slight shading, and I couldn’t ever tell if it was me, the software, or the image itself, but I do have standing guideline not to waste time fiddling with the images themselves.

Market Research:
Free (as in “no cost” to you) – Mediation mp3. Load it on your computer, load it on an iPod, do what you will.

It’s free. It’s a test, see if anyone really likes it. 20 minutes of Binaural Beat Audio goodness. For your meditating pleasure.

I did say it had 100% money-back guarantee? That’s why it’s free.