In-flight Napkins

Napkins & needs:
The AA in-service napkin, in the heady throws of el-deluxo travel, I stole one of these napkins because it fascinated me. It’s just a finished rectangle of cloth with single button hole diagonal at one corner.

Retro-jet-set sheik.

The napkin design goes back to a time when clipper air-ship piloted and navigated the air (waves). Not only was the napkin design revived, but it was sold in the catalog. Might still be for all I know. However, that napkin was more about the luxury of travel.

Another Southern (modern gothic) author, first time I saw one of those napkins, she’d pinned it on her very aging father while she arranged a meal for him. She’d moved her dad into the mother-in-law suite, “He out-lived hospice,” she explained. I noted the napkin, it’s purported history, and I wanted one.

Swiped one years later. Statute of limitations has long since expired on such a petty theft. The real history of the napkin’s design has roots in rail travel. Carried forward as a novelty item. I left mine on the plane. It’s curious, but I did have one. Discovered it wasn’t really useful except as a rag. Lost along the way.

— Kramer Wetzel
“Laeti edimus qui nos subigant” –

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