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Music note:
When I saw Tess Turbo in SA, over dinner that afternoon, I had a conversation with the Aquarius (guitar player) about music, delivery and retail.

“No, man, I know, I know, but seriously, look at them,” he gestured to the other end of the busy table, packed with nieces and nephews (all of which were under the legal drinking age, but old enough to serve in the armed forces), “they’ve never bought a CD, tape, or record. Only iTunes & mp3’s.”

The speech and inflection, he’s Aquarius, there was an ampersand and an illegal apostrophe at the end, just like I spelled it.

I’m wholly unprepared to mourn the demise of proper grammar in the face of modern and colloquial usages and idiom. Even my own spell checker likes “Scorpio” along with the possessive, “Scorpio’s” but not the plural, “Scorpios.”

Never bought a CD. The art of the album cover is languishing in the 99-cent bin at the garage sale. At one time, a company based in Dallas (TX) offered frames that were designed just for album covers. I’d agree, some of the foot-square album covers were truly works of art. Lost and forgotten.

The Aquarius bud — him and his wife (Aquarius, Ft. Worth) — are responsible for a weird sidetrack I’ve been on. Started with a sample from a song that was made up of samples, from Crystal Method’s epic collection, “Vegas.”

Want stranger? I was in town for opera. Get from classical high German opera to dance tracks. Bit of a leap other than it’s all available at the music store.

My Aquarius friend then proceeded to explain how the latest Crystal Method release, he bought it on iTunes. Came with a few perks, like a free booklet (pdf format), and, as I discovered, a video version of one of the songs, as well. So the digital version is richer although there’s no tangible product in hand.

There’s a breaking point in age. That Aquarius, he’s old enough to remember milk crates with albums, moving box after box around. Not exactly a proud moment, I’m sure.

I used some Xmas gift cards to buy that Crystal Method album, too. Must say, I’m enjoying it. That’s for sure. I miss the lost art of some musical accoutrements; however, sometimes, it’s just easier this way. Think of that generation that never did trek to the music store to flip through albums.

Perennial Favorite:
Image. Alpha Hotel. Only a tourist would see that in that light. QED.

Waterloo & City Line.

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Sick Surfers:
I’m astounded by the results, looking at some of the search engine data, the number of people who show up looking for the term, “Virgo sex”? Appalling. Just appalling. You people are sick.

Wait, I like that.

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