Best Buy – El Paso

El Paso Best Buy:
Had to happen finally. It’s a lesson in bad customer service, Best Buy, west El Paso, I was there after working, Ken and me. He already bought a radio and he was searching for a cable that would hook the blue tooth thing up to the radio, an advertised option and viable feature.

“I bought the radio here, they said they could install this, just takes a cable,” he explained.

He waited by the car audio section. No one helped him. I wandered into the Apple-branded Mac hardware section, to play with the toys. A couple was nosing around with the Macs, and finally, the guy looked at me, asked if Mac was any good.

“All I use,” I said.

More questions, more answers.

“Get the Apple Extended warranty, my experience? Well worth it. You know, how the car dealers used to sell the undercoating?” I asked.

“Yeah, out here they sell the ‘deluxe desert protection,’ which is just a clear coat that’s already on it.”

He looked at Ken, who shrugged, “If you have welding questions, I can help, but this stuff?” He gestured at the Apple display, “Ask him.”

I was getting a little worried, as I was grandstanding, when all I wanted to do was mess around. Classic example of customer evangelism, and if I’m not getting a commission, I’m less inclined to perform.

I flagged an employee. Almost 20 minute before my buddy Ken got helped.

Worse, “Can you believe it? They sell the radio, the accessory, but not the cord. That’s just stupid.”

Stupid is letting a Leo wait 20 minutes to be waited on. Only made worse by not having the part, or any other offer than to order it.

“Leave another’s wrongdoing where it lies.” Book IX, #20
Marcus Aurelius