Two-Meat Tuesday

The weekly audio file, it was supposed to be a succinct early weekly update to the horoscopes, that file is now in a slightly different location, over here. The audio file is still free.

Statistical Aside:
In November, 227 readers “hit” (looked at, digitally surfed, viewed with a web browser) the file that began with ‘‘ and had the term “intro” in the file’s name.

It’s gone now. There was a link from the site’s table of contents, but that reference point is gone, too.


That file has significance in that it worked with older software and it contained some code that had been copied and pasted forward from the first version of my “Fishing Guide to the Stars” endeavor.

Code that dates to 1994, or even earlier.

Part of the site’s original incarnation, that first version, it was divided into a single page per sign. Uploaded by hand. Figuratively speaking, of course. Metaphor.

To see that the original file was still being tapped a couple of hundred times was at once bothersome and cool. Cool that someone was doing that; bothersome because it was structure for technology that was out-of-date after Y2K. Scary, in a way. A decade on the internet is like what in real time? A century or two?

The file is gone.