Extra Dark Roast

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Midnight Blue

Full disclosure:
I bought the damn coffee, and no one paid me to write about it. Leftist, Right-Wing, nut-job clamoring for full disclosure? Go piss up a rope.

Katz Coffee, a small, “micro-brewery” coffee roaster out of Houston?

The coffee caught my eye, and it was a little cheaper in the big grocery store, and I’m always willing to try new stuff, and it looked good, and better yet, with that name, Midnight Blue, sounded heavenly.

Smooth French Roast, be my guess. Really good coffee, on a cold winter’s morning. Temperature dipped below 60, that’s cold, right?


On the corner of the package, there was a “Go Texan” brand and logo. I’ve seen it before. I looked it up as I would think, I’d like that as an affiliate; although, to be honest, more than 90% of my traffic is from outside of Texas. Go figure.

What was disappointing, that badge and its affiliations? Ag. (Agricultural products.)

While I’ve been equated to certain male-bovine organic-byproduct, I don’t have any real-world ties to the agricultural business. Had some mint on the porch of the trailer in Austin, grew that stuff for years. Close as I can get to farming, in any stretch of the imagination.