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My Simple Side Project got de-listed from the City Daily Photo portal because of some of my back-end maintenance, updates and down-grades, &c.

The rules were, at one time, a seriously motivating guideline. Understand that I’m strictly a tourist in San Antonio, I have no native blood. I’m from “up north,” by the local standards.

The premise that I liked, several, and my site dates back several years now, my understanding was that there was a new image every day, and the image should be something that reflects the town.

Skip pictures of flowers and other typical fare. Something that makes the town unique. A sense of place.

Early on, I grabbed pictures of the downtown library, with its oblique architecture, as well as other popular tourist tourist symbols.

For the Ruby Tuesday meme, I cheated a couple of times and went ahead and used big Hibiscus flowers. There’s one that I passed frequently one summer, white flowers with purple and red heart. However, in my defense, for one, those flowers were frequently along the fabled and storied San Antonio Riverwalk, and for two, the flower itself is typical of the climate. Saw one blooming the other afternoon. Still. After a “hard freeze,” even.

So in a weird way, the flowers work, as that’s part of the landscape. The other flowering plant that I’d suggest really is part of the landscape? Bougainvillaea. What I call “flowers” on that plant are really papery bracts, left over after the flower itself has gone to seed. Still, the bright purple, the various rouge and occasional ruby hues? Part of the local landscape. As much a part of what defines that city – Alamo City – as the missions and cathedrals.

I get very few pictures of people. I have yet to master that art form. I can barely use a point and click camera, as conditions are these days.

There are certain images, some symbols, like San Antonio’s “Main Plaza,” with the centuries-old San Fernando Cathedral on the west, and the red-rock Bexar County Couthouse to the south. Nothing explains it better than a simple image.

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