I love West Texas.

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Pluto Square Saturn:
Elaine booked a reading with me, the other afternoon, not really a reading, more just moral support as it’s that existential angst time for me, and it’s one of those annoying customer-support, client care question that’s unique to our business.

“What happens when I’m wrong?”

I liken what I do to the weatherman, although, locally? I’m much more accurate. As a straight psychic what Elaine does is a little different, but the sentiments are the same. Same situation.

“What happens when I’m wrong?”

I learned the hard way a long time ago, I can’t get invested in the outcome for my clients. I predict something good, nothing happens, it’s my fault?

“I didn’t go left instead of right?” They didn’t zig when they should’ve zagged, they did sit in front of a computer or the TV when inspired action would fix the problem.

“But what happens when we’re wrong?”

I was reading another post, it was about marketing and diets. Follow the plan according to the letter of the plan? It worked just fine with excellent results. Was that marketing or diet plan? Both. Either.

Pluto and Saturn – square. I’d call it a tension angle. Hardly predict the end of the world, just that, as the angle intensifies, what happens is that personal points get triggered. Buttons get pushed. What’s important, how do we respond to buttons being pushed, needling, wheedling, whining?