Birthday wishes

Not really. Stop, pause and think. This web-log has been here, at this address for 11 (eleven) years. Started as an online journal, then it was called a weblog, then a blog.

I hate that term, “blog.”

Maybe I’ll reveal the true source of the name in a year. Maybe not ever. The code name has been “xenon” since its inception.

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For years, I toyed with design and layout, and at one point, I was very pleased with myself as I used a strictly astrological layout – dates were from the calendar, but the archive was managed by the chronological astrological signs.

I used one software backend to make and eventually I’ve migrated to what it is now. Up and down, back and forth, &c.

I hate that term, “blog.”

11 years of daily-only ruminations. Daily for 11 years. Guaranteed new entry, every day for 11 years.

“I hate that term, blog,'” reminded me, I was at Ground Zero for the birth of the term, a free ride to Austin’s famous SXSW, at an interactive panel about this whole new “web journal” thing that was happening, then. Youth, bursting with enthusiasm.

As an iconic outsider, I refuse, as often as possible, to use the term, “blog.” Besides, I prefer the idea that’s more like a common place book, or a journal. For a few years, I ran the headline tag, “experiential and experimental.” That was the Expression Engine software with my own design. Simple template. I liked that tag. Before that was manually coding and uploading, each day. Weird, now.

Eleventh Month, Eleven Years. Daily.

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“I’m working on it!”

Upgrades, soon, to the site’s backside.

Three – or more – payment options! One week pass, only 99 cents. The monthly price stays the same, but the yearly via PayPal will be dropped in price. Ubiquity.

The ability to set and retrieve passwords.

Better: RSS Feed for the “pay-for-view” horoscopes! That’s one I’m excited about.