El Paso (deceased) Truck Terminal
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Subtitle – “transparency”

My side project – – is a form of internal release, an artistic expression in its purist form, just me and cheap cameras, seeing what can be done with a minimal amount of effort. Capture and post. It’s not all good. That’s part of the point. Some days, what moves me is an image that refuses to be captured in any medium. An image that is just unappealing. Bad, even. Which, in turn, makes the effort better than fine art with all its pretense.

After getting rudely excised from a site with a similar name, I’ve toyed with the methodology on another site. Finely got it to work, and it’s about the third iteration. Domain names are best bought here. While it’s not 99 cents? There’s no other hidden fees. Better uptime than any other “web services” I’ve ever used.


So I’m out the price of the domain name itself, and then, in effort to try various software solutions, I spent another ten dollars. Wasted money, except, it wasn’t a wasted effort, just reminded me to dig deeper and look further. Finally hit a good combination and it seems to be working.

The experiment is in a stable state now. I’ve toyed with layout and design issues, a task that can go on for ever. Simple and plain is sometimes best. Lightweight and agile, I’d like to hope.

One (dead, white) author, I had professor who was fond of quoting this one author, “Get a bunch of characters together in a room, and see what happens.”