Road Food

The threat:
“I’ll just cook chili next time.” (That was last June.)

What I told Grace and Ken. My hostess and host. Leo & Leo.

“That’s the bomb!” (Scorpio)
“This is good!” (Leo)
“Kramer made my house smell like chili and it’s good!” (Leo)
“Thanks, man,” (Gemini).

Should be “Kramer’s famous Roadkill Chili,” but in reality? It’s “Kramer’s infamous Wal-Mart Chili.”

Ground Meat
Stew meat
“Pecadillo” (shredded beef)
Cheap Pork Sausage
Old, yellow onion
Tomatoes (fresh & (peeled)
Poblano Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Scotch Bonnet (Habenero)
Garlic cloves
Tablespoon chili powder
Dash of Cummin
Garnish with Purple Onion and shredded cheese


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