Now with 5G

The all-new, all-improved, better than the competitors!

The 5 G Network!

The point was the mythology, myth in general, behind the tech numbering system. 3G iPhone? Means what, where was the Two-Gee? I saw an ad for 4G phone. Again, means what?

The modern myth, in my mind, the numbering system goes back to MS Word 1, then 1.01, then finally, MS Word 1.05 – for the Mac. Had it, used, taught it, even, and that was the beginning of the end for my handwriting.

I type much better than I write. A year, maybe two or three years later, there was MS Word 3. That was buggy, overloaded, the first of the bloated word processors. I toyed with a number of them, and Word 3, it went through so many bug fixes it was like Pi, 3.141596 was about the last one I used. With that bad release, the tech moniker “Revision 3” became a problem, a cursed version.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
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