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The backstory on a single image?

Amy’s Ice Cream. Libra person behind the counter, kind of bored. I fetched up a strong, double shot of espresso in a cup. Got a big scoop of (signature) Mexican Vanilla Amy’s Ice Cream. Let it melt together, foam and fizzle. Wired for the rest of the day – in a good way.

Headed out the door, I saw the tip jar. Framed a quick phone camera shot. Surprised me when I developed it. Worked out well, considering the odds.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Pink Cake A commonplace book.


Pictures of people aren’t just difficult, they are damned near impossible.

One Night Only!
October 23, 2009:
Kramer Wetzel, as Fishing Guide to the Stars
Will present his award wining lecture series
Introduction to Astrology:
Fishing Guide to the Stars
Astrology Workshop/Lecture.
Feng Shui Institute of El Paso
4026 N. Mesa, Suite G.,
El Paso, TX

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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

(I am so going to get into trouble for this one)

My Austin family has a new baby. There’s a strong resemblance that the newborn has, like her mother. It’s eery. I thought it was clearly amusing, too, but that’s just me. Looking at the baby, when it was less than six hours old, it displayed a facial feature that runs with all the women in that branch of the family: furrowed brow.

As an astrological signature, I’d associate that furrowed brow with Virgo. The mother’s chart? Tiny amount of Virgo. Grandmother? Just enough Virgo to be interesting. Great-grandmother? Again, just enough Virgo to be ornery and mean when the furrow brow comes out. Her kids warned me. I’m just going from what I’ve been told.

So the baby, the other day, she’s in my arms, and she gets that “furrowed brow” look. I’m thinking about the baby’s chart, and I can easily see the rising sign and that smidgen of Virgo with the little M on her furrowed brow.

“Look,” I gestured towards the baby in my arms, “she looks just like her mother when she looks like that.”

Her mother? She, in turn, looks at me with the very same expression. Exact.

“What do you mean?”

“Genetics,” I murmured.

“Nature versus nurture? She was already doing the family look before she had her eyes open,” I said, “genetics. Good thing this family has excellent genetic stock.”

There was a loud, predominate noise. Like gas, escaping a tight rictus. Or a wet fart. Which it was. Anyone who’s been around babies knows the noise. New one to me. I furrowed my brow – worried about the noise.

The furrow in the little baby’s brow eased.