The myth of the cusp

I’ve got a client, born, oh let’s just say, March 20. Easier for illustration purposes. Online, Aries is usually credited with starting March 21.

“So I’m a Pisces, huh?”

“No, very much an Aries.”

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Because I’ve looked at so many charts, I can see the similarities, the patterns, as they emerge. Part of being a patient observer of humanity. But that one client – likes Pisces better than Aries.

It’s not really a question. The Sun is the basic element in chart, the starting point. However, Venus and Mercury are always close to the Sun, being inner planets and all, and both are rarely, if ever, more than a single sign away. Frequently, if not in the same sign, then the adjacent sign. Like an Aries, with Venus and Mercury in Pisces.

So the Sun itself, the main symbol, it’s Aries. Mercury, thinking? Ruled by Pisces, hence, sometimes thinking like a Pisces, and the Venus-principal, also in Pisces, really feeling the Pisces love here.

What I was taught, hewn to, and observed empirically, is that a person with a zero or twenty-nine degree Sun, in particular sign, that person will embody, more strongly, the essence of that sign.

“So, I’m a Pisces?”

That Aries, one-track mind.

The so-called “cusp” critters, they will tend to have one or more planets in adjacent signs, lending the sensibilities, the trappings of something else. However, in the heart of hearts?

“Since I’m a Pisces cusp? Doesn’t that make me a Pisces?”

A real Pisces Sun-sign would’ve given up the questioning a long time ago.

This is another myth, exploded. Mark cusp “FAIL.”

The Tao (free PDF) is here.

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