Mercury Retrograde and the motel

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

I’ll run the rest of the images at some other time. This isn’t about the fishing, flowers, or the weather, or the location, it was about the hotel I stayed at – during Mercury Retrograde, at the coast. I knew, ahead of time, that the place had a weird (to me) internet thing. Wired connections only. Make sure to take a laptop with an ethernet connection. Then, make sure to take an ethernet cable. While the hotel might be able to provide some, as I recall, it was spotty, at best.

They have, the hotel, added wireless networking. However, that’s a weird one. Blame Mercury being retrograde? Sure, works for me.

There’s another strange connection – or lack of connection – with this one motel. Ground floor? Used to be bay-side only, but seems to have extended to the whole ground floor: no cell connection. Strange as can be, and oddly refreshing.

No cell connection means no phone. Makes the holster-clip cell saddle almost superfluous. Almost.

Like many of the “fishing resort” motels and lodges along the Texas Riviera, this one motel has a fishing dock. When Mercury was retrograde, I fully anticipated disrupted communications. In the past, I’ve been able to get cell reception while on the dock. Usually while fishing. Or feeding the fish, as the activity might be better named.

“No service.” Has something to do with the cell phone’s carrier. I’m unsure of the details. No handset information; however, there was another anomaly, the wireless signal. So I could get WiFi on my phone, just not voice. Not bad. Wasn’t a terribly fast connection, still, something was better than nothing. I’d have to step out to the dock to send and receive e-mail. Just as a curiosity, though, the same WiFi didn’t work in the room I was booked into. Did the first night, but I had to drag out that ethernet cable before the end of the first evening.

For starters, I took an older laptop to the coast. Built-in Ethernet. Then, I fully expected the cell not to work in the room. Didn’t bother me that my phone didn’t work almost anywhere in town, it was a vacation. WiFi worked fine at the dock. Just meant I should fish more.

There’s a Fishing Guide that I’ve used to explore the bay’s backwaters, and he knows his way around well enough. Again, problems with communications, and we ever hooked up that time.

Issues? Mercury. Retrograde. Deal with it. Or, like me? Great excuse to be disconnected.

The message, like on the face of the phone?


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