Humble Oils

I’ve been meaning to do this for years now, finally caught a break. I’m tired, broke, and lonely enough to think about it. The inter-web is a dangerous place with just enough information available to make an unarmed person that much more deadly.

Many afternoons, while I’m walking, I’ll pass a certain abandoned gas station. Humble Oils, named, I suppose, for Humble, TX?

The station is about half a block from the post office. That station, perhaps it’s the last intact and extant architectural oddity: a shining example of a temporary structure that’s still around. Because it sports the “Humble Oil” signage, I’d suggest it was circa, 1927 to 1929 in construction. Should be listed with the historical conservation groups. But it’s not.


Another Visual Clue:
Just couldn’t help myself, but the Mercury Retrograde situation, being what it is, there are sometimes, jus the most perfect of visual symbols for the zeitgeist.