Two More Things

At the Museum:
The Museo Alameda, there’s a traveling expedition that deals with teenagers and immigration, like, the faces of the teenagers who have been uprooted by families. Seeing as how San Antonio is a border town, I figured this display would dive right into local border issues. Drugs, immigration, families split by country boundaries, a complete, and probably antagonistic look at the issue.

The photographs themselves were mostly 8 by 10 black and white image, a cross between a headshot and background textures.

I am, in my heart, a writer. The little tags that went alongside the photos, that’s what moved me. Some kid whose goal is to represent the US in the Olympics? Another girl who, the tag read, would probably be dead if she still lived in her country.

Those little stories in so few words, not the images at all, just the words, that caused my tears.

At the movies:
Latest vehicle for damaged goods? Who is that skinny blonde – looks like a bottle blonde – skinny blonde, big tits? The movie is titled, “The Ugly Truth.” Or something like that. Chick flick that could, sort of, be a guy movie. One scene rivals cinematic history, might be the first orgasm to compete with “When Harry Met Sally.”

Which makes the best line?

“I’ll have the ceviche.”