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When so little can say so much.

This one’s been bothering me for a few weeks. Sort of gnawing at the backside of my brain, and I can’t afford to lose anymore mental horsepower – I have a tenuous grip on reality as it is.

What disclosures? Most sites don’t bother with them, although, there’s a movement afoot to make more non-professional people disclose.

Here, buried on astrofish.net, deep in the archives, there is advertising. There’s several different kinds. Sometimes, I was paid. Sometimes, not. For those unfamiliar with my linking policy – here it is: Some links open in a new window, some don’t. Some go to commercial sites, some don’t. The Amazon.com links, obviously, I get a ‘spiff’ from Amazon on those. In the last year? Amounted to less than $50, total. Chances are, the link is something, a product, a person, an image, a piece of text that amused me in some capacity. However, leave here? You’re on your own. Liability ends at the front door.

I have been paid for links, but more often? I’m not paid. I’ve turned down some requests, too. “Throw me a link.”

Amuse me. Entertain me. Piss me off. Something. “Just because?” Yeah, that doesn’t really work, now does it.

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